Sixei Ltd. Co. signed Collaborative Agreement with Hungarian UTB Envirotec Zrt.

After a period of negotiation, Sixei Ltd. Co. and UTB Envirotec Zrt. have agreed to sign a Collaborative Agreement in wastewater treatment field.  According to the Agreement, UTB Envirotec Zrt. made a commitment to support Sixei Ltd. Co. in process know-how, technology, personnel, finance.

UTB Envirotec Zrt. is one of the most prestigious wastewater treatment companies in Hungary. The company was formed in the late 70’s in Buchs, Switzerland. Based on research conducted at the prestigious EAWAG Institute (Swiss Aquatic Research Institute), UTB patented and commercialized several processes to convert sewage sludge, organic solids and biomass to compost, nutrients and biogas. UTB also developed several innovative solutions for wastewater treatment, many of which remain in operation till today. In its current avatar, UTB is a Budapest based Consulting and Engineering company serving its municipal and industrial clients worldwide with cutting edge technologies and services.

One of the most famous patented technology of UTB Envirotec Zrt. is the CYCLATOR . The CYCLATOR process allows continuous inflow to the basin, even during the settle/decant cycle. By allowing continuous influent, it eliminates the need for multiple basins and equalization tanks.


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