Possessing experienced and qualified personnel, SIXEI Ltd. Co. confidently provides the best technical consultancy service. Issues consulted includes:

  • Wastewater treatment technologies
  • Water treatment technologies.
  • Response to emergency circumstances.
  • Third party’s design evaluation.

Besides, following the guideline “We know – We share”, SIXEI Ltd. Co. is always willing to answer any questions related to water and wastewater treatment.

Talk to us, you will be interested in what you hear!


At SIXEI, we blend innovation with well-known technologies to create technical breakthrough, so that we could bring our customers the best treatment system. With SIXEI, designing is not only related to boring drawings and numbers, but also art.

By applying modern simulating softwares – which we believe that not many environmental service companies in Viet Nam are able to do, SIXEI Ltd. Co. can offer you the best solution, including:

  • Technical design for water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Upgrade of existing systems.
  • Pilot designing for specific kinds of wastewater.
  • Design of odour control system for wastewater treatment plant.
  • Financial feasibility studies.



Execution service includes:

  • Construction of treatment basins, control room and related subjects within the treatment plant.
  • Installation of equipment, piping system, electricity/control system.

Execution process is carried out by skillful crews who have been trained well about water and wastewater treatment system. On the other hand, execution process is supervised by excellent engineers who have worked for many years in big projects. All those things assure that every little details in design drawings will be implemented accurately.



Currently, SIXEI Ltd. Co. supplies 2 kinds of operation service: Operation for commissioning and Operation for request.

Operation for commissioning is a required stage within a project life cycle that we have to proceed when SIXEI Ltd. Co. and its customers sign in the EPC contract agreement. Operating and commissioning process include:

  • Optimizing system’s parameters.
  • Personnel training.
  • Start-up process.

Operation for request is a service when our customers demand to employ our personnel for system operation after the system has been transferred to the customers. We encourage this kind of service for the benefits below:

  • Saving money and manpower for customers.
  • We know the most what to do to make sure the system function properly.
  • We take responsibility for the effluent water quality and system emergency.


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